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The Array field is a field that allows you to store an array of values. Rowy Array mimics a JSON Array which is a data structure that stores an ordered collection of values in a format known as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Supported Values

A JSON Array is a collection of values, which can be of any type including Number, Short Text, another JSON Object, Toggle, GeoPoint, Date & Time, or even Reference. The values in a JSON Array are separated by commas and enclosed in square brackets.

"string", // a short text
1, // a number
true, // a boolean
"key": "value" // an object

Creating an Array field

STEP 1: In your Rowy Table, click on Add Column button.

STEP 2: In the Add Column modal, add any name of your choice. In the Field Type dropdown, select Array.

Array field

STEP 3: Click on Add button to create the Array field.

STEP 4: Open the side panel. Under the Array section, click on the dropdown to select the Field Type of the values in the Array.

Array field

STEP 5: Start adding your data! 🚀

Supported Array Types

With Rowy Arrays, you can create both Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Arrays. For a Homogeneous Array, you can create your array to contain only one type of values. For a Heterogeneous Array, you can choose your array to store data from a variety of Rowy Array supported data types.


Let us create a Heterogeneous Array that stores data from a variety of Rowy Array supported data types.

Array field