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Welcome to Rowy

An open source low-code platform for building your product backend

Manage your database and create backend functionality as easy as using a spreadsheet, all from the browser. Lowcode / nocode way to build on Firebase and Google Cloud Platform.

What can you do with Rowy?

Database CMS - Manage your database (Firestore) on a powerful spreadsheet-UI
Low-code Cloud functions - write backend automations with/without code in the browser
Templates - Build quickly with ready made backend templates of database and code
Extensible - Fully flexible and customizable with code in JS/TS using any NPM or API
Integrate with ANY third party platform - Extend with APIs, Webhooks flexibily

Live playground - Try Rowy

💥 Check out the live demo of Rowy. No account needed. 💥

Product Walkthrough Video

Get started

You can set up Rowy in minutes from here.
Watch this video that walks you through the setup process.

Rowy Roadmap

Check out what we are building and what's coming next on Rowy Roadmap.

Help & Support

At Rowy, we've got your back whether you're building a simple app or a complex enterprise solution. Take a look around, and if you have any questions or run into any issues, don't hesitate to reach out. Check out the Help & Support page.

Join our community of builders, makers and developers

We would love to hear what you are building and support your product build journey. Share feedback, comments or simply hangout with fellow developers and builders.


Twitter @rowyio

You can also email us at