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Welcome to Rowy

Rowy is an open source low-code platform for building your product backend.

Build on Firebase and Google Cloud Platform with ease on a platform focused on developer experience. Rowy makes complex→simple, yet powerful.

Rowy gives you

Database CMS - A powerful collaborative spreadsheet-UI for managing your database
Low-code Cloud functions - write backend automations in the context of your database
Templates - Get started quickly with ready made code blocks and table templates
Extensibile - Fully flexible and customizable at code level in JS/TS using any NPM or API
✅ Connect to ANY third party platform
and do more with a fully flexible, open source platform.

Live Playground

💥 Check out the live demo of Rowy 💥

Product Walkthrough Video

Quick Deploy

You can set up Rowy using the guided setup process here. It will take less than 2 minutes to setup on existing Firebase project or create a brand new one with ease.

Alternatively, if you are interested in contributing to the project, you can read the manual installation guide.

Join our community of developers and builders

We would love to hear what you are building and support your product build journey. Share feedback, comments or simply hangout with fellow developers and builders.


Twitter @rowyio

You can also email us at