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Cloud Logs

Logging is an essential part of debugging and monitoring code. Rowy provides accessible build, runtime, and audit logs for the cloud functions.

Cloud Logging is a fully managed service that allows the user to analyze, monitor, and alert on logging data and events from Firebase projects.

The Cloud Functions logger provides a standard interface that has a similar api to console.log statements and supports other log levels.

While creating a Rowy project, cloud logs can come really handy to thoroughly examine changes during deployment.

To access the Rowy Cloud Logs, navigate to the menu on the top right corner of your project table. Locate and click the Cloud Logs button.

Cloud Logs

This fires up the Cloud Logs Interface, wherein you can access the logs categorized as follows:

Build Logs

Build logs are enhanced console outputs of builds. They are represented by a structured list of the events which took place during the respective build.

Audit Logs

Audit logs are used to document activity within the software systems of your Rowy project.

Function Logs

Function logs allow us to monitor and analyze the whereabouts of functions used in a Rowy project.

Webhook Logs

Webhook logs include a record of every webhook atempt that our project makes. Additionally, they document the information on the success or failure of each webhook call.

Build Logs