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Full Text Search

The Full Text Search feature, powered by MeiliSearch, allows you to search for a specific text in your Rowy table. This feature can be enabled for a project from the Project Settings.

A screen recording showing the full text search feature.

Enabling Full Text Search in your project

Follow the steps below to enable the full text search feature in your project:

STEP 1: Go to the MeiliSearch Developer Portal and sign up if haven't already.

MeiliSearch Manual Installation

For users who wish to follow the manual installation of MeiliSearch, please refer to this guide by MeiliSearch.

STEP 2: Click on Create a new Project on the top right corner.

STEP 3: Enter a unique Project Name, select a Region and a MeiliSearch version from the dropdown, and select a plan. Click on Create Project.

A screenshot showing the create project page.

STEP 4: Copy the Search Instance URL and the Master Key and store them temporarily. You will need them in the next step.

A screenshot showing the search instance URL and the master key.

STEP 5: In Rowy, go to the Project Settings tab. Under the Services tab, paste the Search Instance URL and the Master Key in the Full Text Search section. Click on Enable. This will enable the full text search feature in your project.

STEP 6: To enable the feature for a specific table, click on the toggle in the Table Settings for that particular table.

A screenshot showing the enable full text search toggle.

STEP 7: Now you can go back to your Rowy table, and start searching in your table! 🚀