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Can I see my existing collections in Rowy?

Yes! This is one of the main use cases for Rowy. When you click Create table, you will see a list of your existing collections in Collection name if you deployed Rowy Run. If you did not, you can click Add collection in the popup and type the collection name you want to display in the table.

How does Rowy perform for a large number of rows? How many rows you can render in one session? Is there any throttling?

Rowy fetches the rows of data as you keep scrolling on the screen and renders only what you see on screen. The UI is very responsive and so you can continue to scale to any number of tables and rows. Also, since we are built on the Firestore database, it is the same DB throttling as what Firestore provides which is 10MB IOPS. Rowy do not have any additional limitations than what a production database would.

Do you support [another database]?

At the moment, we only support Firestore. Let us know on Discord if you would like us to support another database and which database. We would like to hear about your use case.