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Import PostgreSQL / SQL

Rowy can work with large database in any plan including free tier without any limitations. You can migrate from your PostgreSQL / SQL database to Rowy very easily, by first exporting your PostgreSQL / SQL database tables to individual CSV file and importing that to Rowy using the import CSV functionality.

Rowy can CSV import of files of any size and rows without any limits. Rowy processes import in batches, just allow for the process to complete on the table UI. You can even import your csv files with custom ID files selected. That way you can import and reimport the CSV files and they getted mapped to the same ID file allowing you to insert, update and upsert without duplicates.

By migrating from PostgreSQL / SQL database to Rowy, gives you the ability to work with a large database in one of the most sophisticated Table UI interfaces on which you can collaborate with your team and at the same time get access to a Firebase NoSQL / document database on Firestore for use in your apps instantly using Firebase SDK or Rowy APIs. Avoid any inflexibility or painpoints from using structured database.

For step by step instructions on how you can import data from CSV including bulk importing with custom IDs, supported fields mapping, checkout Import CSV documentation.