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Webhooks allow to process incoming events from external services, to notify your system of changes.

Rowy Webhooks run on google cloud run make sure you have setup Rowy Run services here

Webhook anatomy


  • the the service being integrated, Rowy currently Supports Typeform, Sendgrid, Github, and a Basic Type for support any service, Unique types support different verification methods based of the external service.


Authentication method for verifying the source of the webhook call, to insure that the calls are not coming from Mallicous actors. Note: Webhook verification is optional, specially during the prototyping stage.


A function that looks at the incoming request then returns a true or false, based on its values or combination other data in your database to determine if the request should be processed.

Base Condition

The base condition used for

const condition: Condition = async ({ ref, req, db }) => {
// feel free to add your own code logic here
return true;
Example Condition
const condition: Condition = async ({ ref, req, db }) => {
const { body, headers } = req;
// query a settings webhook settings collection with user-agent
const webhookSettingsQuery = await db
.where("application", "==", headers["user-agent"])
const webhookSettingsDoc = webhookSettingsQuery[0].data();
// return false if theres no settings doc, or the settings doc is not enabled
if (!webhookSettingsDoc || !webhookSettingsDoc.enabled) return false;
else return true;


a function that takes in the request and processes it, then optionally return object that will automatically add new row, alternatively you can write anywhere in your database using the db parameter or ref to reference the table's collection directly.