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Install Rowy

You can easily set up Rowy on your Google Cloud or Firebase project using the following one-click deploy button, which will guide you with a step-by-step process.


Before starting, make sure you have a Google Cloud or Firebase project with Firestore and Firebase Authentication enabled.
Don’t have a project? Learn how to create one 

Click the button 👇

Run on Google Cloud

This runs Rowy Run, an open source Cloud Run instance that operates exclusively on your GCP project, so we never have access to any of your data. Like Rowy, it’s completely open source and free to use. Learn more about Rowy Run

Once installed, you’ll be given an URL to the Rowy app to continue installation:

Cloud Run Output

Option 2: Manual install

If you don’t want to set up Rowy as described above, you can follow these steps to install it manually for development. You should be familiar with


  1. Make sure you’e logged in to your Firebase account in the Firebase CLI:

    firebase login
  2. Clone this repo.

    git clone
  3. Set environment variables.

    • Create a .env file.
    • Get the Project ID and Web API key in the Firebase Console 
    • Paste them in the .env file:
  4. Install frontend dependencies using Yarn.

  5. Run the app locally.

    yarn start