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Why FlutterFlow with Rowy

Why use Rowy with FlutterFlow?

  • Manage all the data for your FlutterFlow apps with ease on the most sophisticated spreadsheet CMS UI for Firestore.
  • Rowy also is a complete low-code backend platform on Firebase and Google Cloud, which means you can build any cloud function visually, connect to any third party API, build webhooks, complex backend apps with minimal to no code, or AI assisted ChatGPT code.

Rowy supports:

  • CMS for Firestore with 35+ field types
  • Image/Files/Assets uploaded to your Firebase Cloud Storage, accessible in FlutterFlow apps
  • Table Automations
  • Webhooks
  • API calls to third party apps
  • Cloud functions builder, that deploys cloud functions to you own Firebase project

This means you can start using the cloud functions in your FlutterFlow apps by simply adding a data field.

Full video on this is available here. Watch this to understand why FlutterFlow users love using Rowy :)

Few other points about Rowy:

  • Rowy is open-source - that means you will never be left with an unsupported product
  • Most feature rich amongst all the Firestore CMS products our there and with the most generous free tier in the hosted version for easy setup and the ability to collaborate with team on multiple workspaces and projects
  • You will also always find support and help at Rowy as we are VC funded team and growing. Lots more exciting things coming soon - if this is important to you to build on a stable product.
  • Rowy has also officially partnered with FlutterFlow multiple times, you can find Rowy videos on the FlutterFlow channel here and FlutterFlow also recommends Rowy as the way to import CSV.
  • A large community of FlutterFlow builders using Rowy
  • Rowy has also been officially showcased in the Firebase blog, Youtube channel, and the Firebase devrel itself recommends using Rowy :)