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Extensions are Cloud Functions that simplify integrations with Firestore. Extensions require Rowy Run to be set up.

Extensions are triggered on data CRUD operations to run a cloud function - either from a ready-made set of extensions (Twilio, Sendgrid, Slack, ALgolia and others) that are fully customizable via code or from ground up using generic task template (use any API with fetch() or NPM).

Extensions that integrate third-party services use Google Secret Manager to store and access the secrets of the services. Ensure that the Secret Manager is enabled and the required secret added before using the extension in Rowy.

Extension anatomy

  • type - name of the extension
  • triggers - create/update/delete events
  • Condition - a function that returns a true or false, to determine if an extension should be executed
  • requiredFields - required columns fields for this extension
  • extensionBody - function that structures the data for your extension

🚨 Secret Mananger Access

Before using extensions that require secrets, ensure that you have given the cloud function service account access to secret manager, by assigning it Secret Manager Accessor Roles You can manage IAM permissions here.

The cloud function default service account is

⚠️ Skipping this step can cause permission errors