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The DocSync Extension is an extension for syncing data-fields between two documents on firestore.

DocSync Extension


The extension works by listening to changes on a document and then syncing the data to another document.

The DocSync extension accepts three properties:

  • row: It is an object representing a row of data. It is the data that is being synced.
  • targetPath: It is a string representing the path of the document in Firebase Firetore, to which the data is being synced.
  • fieldsToSync: It is an array of strings representing the fields in row that should be synced to Firestore.

Working based on trigger types

The extension will perform actions based on its trigger type, which is defined in the extension's configuration modal.

DocSync Extension Modal
  • If the Trigger Event is delete, the function will attempt to delete the document at targetPath in the Firestore database.

  • If Trigger Event is update, the function will check if any of the fields in fieldsToSync have changed between the before and after states of the document. If any of these fields have changed, the function will attempt to update the document at targetPath with the new data.

  • If Trigger Event is create, the function will attempt to create a new document at targetPath with the data in the record object.


const extensionBody: DocSyncBody = async({row, db, change, ref}) => {
// you can pull data from additional sourced here or preform data transformation here
return ({
fieldsToSync: ["firstName"], // a list of string of field names to sync
row: row, // object of data to sync, usually the row itself or a modified object
targetPath: `secondaryCollection/${}`, // path to document you need data to be synced to