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Set up a Firebase project

Rowy connects to your existing Firebase projects. Your projects must have Firestore and Authentication enabled.

  1. Create a new project in the Firebase Console.

    Screenshot of Firebase project creation UI

  2. Create a Firestore database in the Firebase Console.
    Firebase instructions 

    Screenshot of Firestore UI

  3. Set up Firestore Security Rules. You can use test mode for now.

    Screenshot of Firestore database creation UI

    • Alternatively, you could allow unlimited access to the entire database for testing. Once you have created your database, paste the following code in the Rules tab:

      rules_version = '2';
      service cloud.firestore {
      match /databases/{database}/documents {
      match /{document=**} {
      allow read, write: if true;
  4. Enable Firebase Authentication in the Firebase Console.

    Screenshot of Firebase Auth UI

  5. Enable the Google sign-in method in the Sign-in method tab.
    Firebase instructions 

    Screenshot of Firebase Auth UI

  6. Optional: In the bottom-left corner, upgrade your project to the Blaze Plan.

    This is required to deploy Rowy Run and any Cloud Functions. The free Spark Plan limits are generous and you likely won’t pay anything.

    Screenshot of Firebase billing button