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The typeform webook allows


Typeform validates the authenticity of its request by signing the request body with secret,

Rowy automatically handles the complexity of the verification process, you just need to set the secret value on both typeform and rowy, after adding the webhook endpoint


The sample parser provided converts the request body in

const typeformParser: Parser = async({req, db,ref}) =>{
// this reduces the form submission into a single object of key value pairs
// eg: {name: "John", age: 20}
// ⚠️ ensure that you have assigned ref values of the fields
// set the ref value to field key you would like to sync to
// docs:
const {submitted_at,hidden,answers} = req.body.form_response
return ({
_createdAt: submitted_at,
...answers.reduce((accRow, currAnswer) => {
switch (currAnswer.type) {
case "date":
return {
[currAnswer.field.ref]: new Date(currAnswer[currAnswer.type]),
case "choice":
return {
[currAnswer.field.ref]: currAnswer[currAnswer.type].label,
case "choices":
return {
[currAnswer.field.ref]: currAnswer[currAnswer.type].labels,
case "file_url":
return {
[currAnswer.field.ref]: currAnswer[currAnswer.type],
}, {}),