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Cost of using Rowy

What would using Rowy cost me?

You can use Rowy in two modes. Rowy Base and Rowy Pro.

Rowy Base

  • A fully free and open-source hosted version of the Rowy App

  • Get access to the core features: CMS for one Firestore project. Ability to import and export data in bulk - csv, tsv, json formats Automate tasks and workflows with cloud functions (unlocked by deploying of Rowy Run).

    Rowy Cost

    Under Rowy Base, you will not incur any charge from Rowy

    GCP Cost

    • Rowy is 100% serverless, which means theres no ongoing server cost. You only pay for what you use on GCP. With Rowy, you are mainly using Firestore, cloud functions and cloud run. GCP’s free tier is quite generous with $300 in credits for all Firebase projects and if you are a startup you get up-to $100K in credits.
    • Table below details the cost breakdown by main usecases of Rowy. You can also use Google Cloud price calculator to further analysis your long term costs depending on how heavy your usage will be.
      UsecaseFree Tier of GCPPost Free Tier and after exhausting free credits from GCP
      CMS without installing Rowy Run for workflow automationsFree upto 1GB of stored data, see GCP’s free quota tier pricingOn average, $0.1/GB/ month based on the region. See the cost by region for storage/read/write here
      Workflows and automations with cloud functions by deploying Rowy RunFree upto 2M invocations/month. Free upto 120 build minutes per day.Invocations: $0.04/million. Building: $0.003/min

Rowy Pro

Rowy Pro is currently being built and launching soon. Rowy Pro will be our paid model that will unlock further features of Rowy for you to expedite development and your product building process. You can join our beta program to access Rowy Pro features early and free for 6 months. Help us shape Rowy with your inputs and feedback 🙏 Sign up now.

Pro features

  • Multiple Firebase projects
  • CMS with advanced filtering, sorting and full-text search
  • Code sandbox and testing environment for cloud functions, derivatives and extensions
  • Move/clone data tables from one project to another
  • View data in Table and Gallery modes
  • Embeddable tables and sharable URLs
  • Custom support

Join our beta users group to get early access to features, be part of the core team and give valuable feedback to shape the direction of the open-source project 💜