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Update Rowy

If you deployed Rowy on, you’ll receive the latest updates automatically as we release them. See changelog 

Otherwise, if you’re self-hosting Rowy, you can get release updates through the main branch on GitHub.

The update procedure depends on whether you cloned the Rowy repo directly or forked it on GitHub first.

You cloned the repo directly

If you cloned the repo and did not change the Git remotes, you can pull directly from origin.

  1. Get the latest commits:

    git pull origin main
  2. Update frontend dependencies:

  3. Run the app locally to test:

    yarn start

You committed changes

If you committed any changes to the code, excluding adding config files, you can follow the same procedure above.

However, you may see the following in your terminal:

Merge branch 'main' of
# Please enter a commit message to explain why this merge is necessary,
# especially if it merges an updated upstream into a topic branch.

If the terminal says nano above that, press CtrlX to merge the changes.
If it does not, you may be using vim. Press Esc, then type :wq, then hit Enter to merge the changes.

If a merge conflict, you must resolve them before continuing. Read GitHub’s guide on addressing merge conflicts 

If you have any other issues, read GitHub’s guide to Git 

Rebuild and redeploy Rowy

Once you have received the latest updates to Rowy on your local repository, you should rebuild and redeploy Rowy to your hosting service.

  1. Build the app:

    yarn build
  2. If you’re using Firebase Hosting, you can run:

    yarn deploy

    This will deploy Rowy to Firebase Hosting with the target set to rowy.